Amanda Roman

Amanda Roman, a native Racine resident, has been on a mission to serve her community since a very young age. Amanda was born and raised in Racine, WI and comes from a diverse cultural background. She attended Carthage College and Studied Classical Archeology, Geospatial Science and religion. While attending Carthage College and studying Geospatial science she began to connect the college with local initiatives that would allow her fellow students to be involved in technology driven activities.

She began her career in banking and immediately uncovered the value of working with small local businesses. She currently works for the Human Capital Management Company Paychex Inc. As Wisconsin’s Multicultural Small Business Consultant. Amanda is a multilingual representative for Paychex and works with many diverse business demographics. One of her current projects is with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation as the liaison for Certified Payroll. She is consulting contractors on more efficient ways to process state and federally required payroll reports. Working with state and local businesses is a passion she has discovered and thrives by assisting small businesses start, maintain and grow their own passions.

Amanda has always been an advocate for her community and the people that inhabit it. She volunteers on several non-profit organizations that immerses her into many different groups in her community and uncovers their needs. She enjoys creating and executing solutions for local initiatives that serve the missions of these non-profits. Amanda currently serves on the Board of the Latino Chamber of South East Wisconsin, a member of Racine County’s Uplift 900 task force, Amigos De Cesar Chavez, and on the Communications wave team of Visioning of Greater Racine. As a mother of four boys it is important to her to see the city they live in succeed.