Philip Bane

Philip’s primary skill is as a knowledge worker, someone who can acquire knowledge rapidly, and thinking creatively by comparing and contrasting views.  He uses his skills to make his teams resilient and productive. Correspondingly, Philip has a talent and drive to make things happen.

Philip has held senior, global positions in sales, operations, product development and law. He has taken a company public as its General Counsel, established businesses in Russia and India, and led complex, multi-million-dollar projects managing data in the oil & gas industry. He has also led teams developing hardware and software. 

He was an Army Ranger while in the military and completed the 200-hour Vinyasa yoga teacher training with Rolf Gates and now teaches at Down Dog Yoga Studio in Herndon, Virginia. 

At Smart Cities Council, Philip is responsible for developing strategies and implementing plans to develop high-value interactions between cities and all its stakeholders. Philip provides assistance regarding innovative project, financing and procurement practices. In the past three years, the Council has:

  • Launched Smart Cities Activator, an innovative online collaborative platform where cities can plan (and in 2020) finance projects. Cities can see what other cities are doing and learn best practices about developing bankable projects.
  • Produced four (4) continent wide Readiness Challenges where the Council has collected data from > 200 cities about smart city projects and plans. 
  • Led over sixty (60) Readiness Workshops globally.
  • Launched regional Councils in ASEAN, Australia New Zealand, Europe and India.
  • Produced eight (8) Smart City Week conferences in North American and Australia